• The Quilcene Fair Board is sad to report that there will be no Quilcene Fair and Parade in 2018.  It takes a lot of work from a few people or a little work from many people to make the fair happen.  We as a board, collectively and individually, have been searching for new blood to shore up fatigued volunteers for years, and while we have some great new volunteers, we don’t have enough to mount a fair this coming year.

    We appreciate the opportunity we’ve had to continue this long tradition, but frankly until the next generation steps up and decides they want the fair enough to make the fair, there won’t be a fair.  We still have a set of volunteers who are eager to bring the fair back in following years, but we will need a new core of committed volunteers (including a President, a Treasurer, one or two people to run the raffle, someone to run promotions, manage parking and more) before we take up the mantle again.

    We’re proud, this year, to leave enough money in the account to run another fair, as well as donate this year to Dollar’s for Scholars in Quilcene (our main mission), as well as the 4-H for their wonderful contributions to the Quilcene School, the Quilcene Food Bank (we are rushing this money over to help with their worthy mission of making sure Thanksgiving is a holiday of abundance not hunger in Quilcene), and the Quilcene School itself.  Our non-profit status is safe.   The Fair and Parade are going into hibernation but will return when Quilcene wants it enough to help make it happen.  Or maybe a phoenix is a better analogy.  We’ve burned out, but with a new core, the fair can rise from the ashes again.


    Greg Brotherton, President

    Quilcene Fair and Parade

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