The CARNIVAL is back for the 2017 Quilcene Fair!

They open Friday after school until dusk, will be open Saturday from 11- dusk, and Sunday from 1-AM to 4 PM.

Presale tickets will be available at the Quilcene US Bank, the Quilcene Village Store, Munn Brothers Realty, and the Disco Bay Detour.  Presale tickets are $15 for each day.


You can also buy ala carte tickets or $20 per day at the carnival.

Friday and Saturday, Sept 16-17. Cascade Amusements Carnival will have rides, games and food. Pre-sale, discounted full-day ride ticts are available at Quilcene US Bank, Village Store, Munn Brother’s Realty, Penn Foods and other local outlets for $15.00 for one day; exchanged at the Carnival for an “all-day ride wrist band.” $20 for the wristband once the Carnival opens. Carnival Hours: Fri: 3 pm–10 pm Sat: 11 am –10 pm – all times approximate. Please note that the tickets indicate they will work Sunday, 9/18. We are verifying that, but probably the carnival won’t run on Sunda










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