Quilcene parade application 2015b

The 2014 parade had new puppets and vikings and more great fun:

IMG_1699 IMG_1705 IMG_1710 IMG_1721 IMG_1754 IMG_1782 IMG_1806

The 2013 Parade celebrated the return of the Salmon with a group of salmon swimming “upstream” against the parade.  Contact Greg for information  – 206-422-8328.

QFair 158

QFair 255

QFair 422

QFair 170

QFair 225




One thought on “Parade

  1. Loved the parade! We come to Quilcene every year for this event. I would like to suggest an addition to the parade: a kid’s portion called the Teddy Bear Parade. I did several teddy Bear Parades for Historic Downtown Kennewick and they were great fun for the kids who got to be in the parade. If you look up Teddy Bear parades online you will see many charming examples. Thank you, Anne Craff

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