Meet the Dignataries: Dharma Ridge

I was going to make some little films introducing our farm-heavy dignitaries this year, but in regards to Dharma Ridge’s Zack Hailey and Haley Olsen and John Boulton, our “Bridging the Generations” dignitaries, I could not imagine a more charming film than Andrea Love’s animated introduction. Andrea was gracious enough to share it with us, so please enjoy.

Bridging the Generations are Dharma Ridge Farm owners Zach Wailand and Haley Olson, a husband-and-wife team, and John Boulton of the historic 100+ acre Boulton Farm. Zach and Haley with their three children started a 5-acre farm in 2003 on Dharma Road in Chimacum, moving to a 10 acre piece in Beaver Valley, but keeping the name. They now farm on the Boulton Farm in the Leland Valley off Highway 101, growing 25 acres of certified organic vegetables. The farm grows produce for local markets as well as stores in Kitsap, King, and Snohomish counties. (360) 765-0178.

Pre-Sale Carnival Tickets are On Sale Now

The carnival is back at the fair this year with rides galore takes place Friday night before the fair after school lets out and Saturday starting at 10 and going until they shut off the lights.

The carnival is a great deal at $20 for all the rides you can go on, but it gets even better with the pre-sale tickets. Pre-sale tickets are currently available for $15 (cash only, please) at the Quilcene Village Store and US Bank, and will be in more places soon. Each $15 ticket can be traded in for a full day pass to the carnival on Friday afternoon (9/18) or Saturday (9/19). Prices are $20 per day at the carnival or you can pay per ride (but that’s expensive and no fun).

Lobo del Mar

The fair is right around the corner on September 19th.  We spent a sunny afternoon tooling down to Port Hadlock to check out our entertainment this year, Lobo del Mar, in their natural environment.  They were kind enough to play us a few tunes and we chatted with Brady Bunton about thje band.  Check out the video.  We’ll post another song after we get 100 hits, so pass it along.

Quilcene Fair on September 19th, 2015

Well the details are starting to fall into place for the Quilcene Fair in 2015.  We hope you can join us on Saturday, September 19th for another day of good old fashioned Quilcene fun.  The theme this year is:

Quilcene Farming:  On Land And Sea

We’ll have the parade, booths, food, and the carnival is joining us again.  The garden club has really embraced this year’s theme, so expect big things from them.  The entertainment this year will be the great Lobo Del Mar.